Filmag Italia

BW fittings & piping components

About our company

Filmag was founded in Milan, Italy in 1959 by Filippo Magni and has been operating since then in the fittings and piping components industry.

In 1970, the company was moved 20 km east to Rivolta d’Adda, and became Filmag Italia srl.

Services & Areas

We offer different services based on specific needs for each case.

Among these there is emergency delivery, ocean or air freight anywhere in the world, all types of mechanical tests and NDE inspections, calculations and drawings of fittings on a case by case basis.


The general policy of our organization is to guarantee an exceptionally high quality product.
Filmag has brought the recognition and approval of the most important international supervisory authorities. Among these we find TUV, PED, ADW0, ISO9001 and many others.

Manufacturing & Products

Filmag Italia produces and commercializes/distributes seamless butt-weld fittings and piping components, that could be categorised in the following segment: Bends (45°,90°,180° and special), tees, reducers (concentric and accentric), caps, outlets, flanges, pipes and other (customers’ drawn fittings and piping components).

Company’s products are mainly used in the oil & gas market (especially in refineries) and secondly in the energy generation market (especially in thermoelectric and nuclear plants).

Our highly automated manufacturing process can produce hot or cold formed fittings in carbon, austenitic, nickel and other special alloys in accordance with ASME/ASTM, EN and other international standards.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us